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It’s been more than two years since the last new music release from BRONWYN, a period we’ve all spent under the cloud of Covid, and for this Dunedin singer-songwriter a welcome time of artistic reflection. Now that the sun is coming out, she’s paving the way towards her next collection of original contemporary country songs by releasing a few ‘warm up’ singles that will come together in 2022 as an EP of covers.


BRONWYN's EP ‘All In’ reached #9 on the NZ Charts in 2017, with the single, Wish Me Luck, making inroads both on radio and country charts across the Tasman. She describes her original music as “half sass and half heart", a balance that she enjoys and strives for in her songwriting.


“My next EP is a small collection of songs that I really relate to, and wish I had written. I think they sum up my life pretty accurately at this point in time, and also touch on parts of the last few years. There's not as much sass in these songs - but it'll be back in the originals that will follow!” 


Photo by Natwick Studios

‘I never really wanted to grow up / cos what if magic only happens when you’re young?’ she asks in the opening bars of her delightfully soulful November 2021 single, Change My Mind, a song written and originally performed by Lucie Silvas. The work that’s gone into her covers EP project has helped provide answers to a number of similar questions.


“Everything I wish I had said or written over the last few years is starting to pour out of me. It’s still early days in the writing process and I don't know exactly what it'll look like – but I’m liking where it's going so far!”


Finding inspiration in the hard-hitting honesty of fellow artists ranging from Miranda Lambert to Kacey Musgraves and Robyn Ottolini, Bronwyn's music similarly invites her audience into her life to hear exactly what she's going through and what she feels in her heart.


"Recently, when a stranger described listening to my music for the first time as ‘ the sun had come out, and I felt immediately optimistic’, I was a bit stunned. I see how much people are struggling these days and had been wishing I could do something to help, completely forgetting that music itself can be a powerful healer. Especially in these challenging times, I think that we need fun songs to help us feel happy, and not get swallowed up by all the sadness and chaos that's going on – but also need to feel like we can admit when we’re struggling and have songs that help us with those emotions too.”


That right there is country music’s sweet spot, and having hit the refresh button, BRONWYN is excited to share some more music and to see what else 2023 and beyond holds!

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